So I had an epiphany the other day, and I am not talking about something you buy in the local fetish market. A real epiphany, I know at my age that can be somewhat dangerous. I realized that the list of things that I am better at than my eldest son is getting smaller. You see this epiphany came to me while I was trying my best not to loose sight of him while we were running 5km. You see for most of the 5km he was out in front and I was trying to play catch up. I did lead for the first few meters, it did help setting off before him!

Here is my list so far and I need to keep track of this over the years:


Now that we as a family have moved on to another season on our lives, this post goes to you, Daniel, you are starting a new chapter at RVA. We pray you enjoy it and blessings to you, we are proud of you.

We will keep working on the list and see how things change.

Take care,


So you think you know the place, but how about seeing it through the eyes of a child, one who has grown up here and writes about Benin. Here are the two poems the boys did today for school.


smelly bathrooms

delicious chicken

soft beds

sad children

noisy birds

putrid rubbish

beautiful people

– by Timothy (8 years)


spicy food

busy roads

bright clothing

big round oranges

smelly bnathrooms

pounding yams

squaking birds

– by Daniel (11 years)

So that is how they see it, now how about their teacher / mother.


fiery sunsets

sticky mangoes

delicious peanut sauces

lazy lake days

vicious thunderstorms


unusual animal sights

 – by teacher Fiona (to be determined)

Hope you enjoyed that.

Thanks Garth

Sometimes your kids have homework to do and then you have to sit up and take notice. Daniel had to write a letter for homework in which he had to justify the need for something, with relevant justification. Let me not say too much read the letter and enjoy.

Daniel's letter to his parents

So there you have it, maybe Daniel will grow up to be a fund raiser, hope you enjoyed that letter.

Oh yes, if you feel you want to fulfill the request, let me know.

Take Care, Garth


So we all do different things to relax and being alongside a small lake you would think that any normal person would either sit  by the water and read or if more energetic would try their hand at fishing. Well not wanting to fit into any mold I decided to ‘float’, something that is preferable on a body of water as opposed to ‘sink’. To add to this it was ‘float with a purpose’, move around the lake while camouflaged with a camera handy. So what follows are some of the photos I manged to take and in some instances I was able to get within a couple a meters of the birds being photographed.

African Jacana
Malachite Kingfisher
Reed Cormorant
Cattle Egret
White-faced Whistling Duck


So then what follows, other wildlife on the edges of the water, some dragons looking for a meal and a mate, not sure in what order but it seems this one was almost the meal for some bird.



Yet some more wildlife, this time in the water having too much fun….


So I had a great time and quite relaxing, Praise God for His beauty in nature and the things around us.


ORANGE is a piece of paper

ORANGE is exploding fireworks

ORANGE is a fruit

ORANGE is a dusty sunset

Dusty Sunset

ORANGE tastes like juicy pawpaw

ORANGE tastes like a nice cold glass of juice

ORANGE smells like Terry’s orange chocolate

ORANGE feels like squishy play-dough

ORANGE looks like sparkling gumdrops

ORANGE adds great favour to my life

– by Timothy Kennedy